A Preview of Kheol

I’m getting ready to launch the site properly, it’s been up for a few days and just sitting here, with the first real article ready to launch on Monday, October 3rd. I wanted to present something in the meantime though, so I thought I’d post a (very brief) preview of sorts.

The first setting I’ll be doing is called Kheol (pronounced key-ole), which is a city of the living in the land of the dead. Kheol is a place where living creatures can (mostly) peacefully interact with denizens of the Underworld in order to trade, study, or do whatever else they feel like getting up to down there. There will be some new resources, found only in the Underworld, new and expanded stuff for the undead, as well as new creatures that are just dead, as in not having been animated or anything by arcane casters.

It’s a setting that I’m pretty excited about, and one which has been kind of percolating for well over a decade now. I’ve had images of the listless dead (think the spirits of Hades in The Odyssey, mortals wearing cool masks, and all kinds of other Underworld stuff which is, noticeably, not evil. I’ve long been fascinated with mythology and folklore, and especially the chthonic or underworld parts.

I’m pretty excited, and I hope other folks like it too!

Artwork:Ranks of the Dead,” by John Tenniel, from Lalla Rookh: an Oriental Romance, 1861.

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