New Monster and a Free Adventure!

So a couple of weeks ago, I watched The Fly (the 1986 version) for the first time, and when it was done I immediately sat down to draw a picture of a “man-fly” which I figured would be a good fit for TBH. Then I came up with some rules for them. Then I decided to write an adventure, called The Bloat Cave of the Man-Flies, and decided to put it all on the site for free!

So you can see the art (with some Photoshop work) above, a full write-up of the man-fly below, and you can get the adventure in PDF here!


Man-Flies are humanoid flies associated with disease and filth. They are about three and a half or four feet tall, with a set of wings that allows them to fly, and the ability to cling to walls and ceilings. Though they are rarely found on the surface, they are not welcome when there, and when evidence of them appears, adventurers are usually dispatched to get rid of them. They reproduce quickly, but are easily killed by a number of other monsters. Within dungeons they usually occupy the role of scavengers, eating leftover kills or garbage, and some intelligent monsters keep them around specifically for this purpose.

They lay their eggs in corpses, which serve as food for their maggots until they eat enough to grow into a full-fledged man-fly. Once they reach their final form, they generally only live for a few years before something kills them, but those that manage to survive get stronger as they do so. A man-fly with 3 HD is known as a Knight, while one with 4 or more HD is called a Lord. Some lords have even been known to cast spells.

Their “society” is simple, with man-flies rarely working together unless there is a Lord to boss them around. They speak their own buzzing language, and can learn to speak common and other languages, but do so with a difficult to parse, buzzing accent.

In combat they favor simple weapons and are quite nervous and jumpy, making them very hard to sneak up on. Knights tend to use spears and other weapons with reach, while lords prefer to use bows.

Creature HD Actions and Specials
Man-Fly 1 Can fly and climb on walls or ceilings. Pestilence.

New Rule: Disease

Upon contact, a character makes a CON test to avoid contracting the disease. If they fail they suffer the effects as listed. A character can make a new CON test each time they rest to regain hp.

Pestilence (disease)

Characters suffering from pestilence take a -2 penalty to STR and CON until they pass a test to recover from it. A character who passes this CON test cannot contract pestilence again for a week. Man-flies spread pestilence with their attacks.

Artwork: “Man-Fly and larvae,” by Jason Owen Black.


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