vs. Moon Men!

I recently published a new RPG, called vs. Moon Men, with Fat Goblin Games. It uses the vs. M Engine developed by Philip J. Reed (originally for a 24 hour RPG challenge) which requires only a deck (or two) of playing cards and is pretty light. It’s a fun system.

The game takes place in an alternate 1970, wherein the Earth has been conquered by Moon Men who took the Apollo 11 landing as an act of war. It pits the PCs against these alien conquerers in proper b-movie fashion. It also includes vehicles rules which are a first for that engine (a far as I know).

The vs. M Engine isn’t terribly well known, but Fat Goblin is trying to get it out there, and this comes after a couple of their other games, like vs. Stranger  Stuff and vs. Ghosts (for which I wrote a short adventure recently as well). As a system it has a lot of potential, but it’s also perfect for running one shots and short campaigns, and I think it could have a lot of appeal for the OSR crowd. Give it a look, maybe pick up the PDF. If sales go well, we’e got some plans for more content to release throughout 2017 at least.

I’m also doing a Q&A at RPG.net about the game on November 17th at 7pm central. You can find a Facebook event for it here so you don’t forget!

Artwork: vs. Moon Men cover design by Rick Hershey, 2016.


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