Some Known Laws and Punishments of Kheol

No cleric may banish the undead, and any who do so are punished with searing pain, suffering 1d6 damage each time.

No light brighter than moonlight may be used in the streets of Kheol. A person introducing brighter light (such as a Daylight spell or a bonfire) is stricken of their vision and blinded for 1 hour.

Mindless undead may not be created from unwilling subjects within the city, but may be brought into the city without harm. Any such attempts are countered by the magic of the Yamas, and the caster is stricken of their voice and rendered mute for 1 day.

Defiling a grave within the city is punishable by death. The defiler is compelled to the market, announce themselves as a grave robber to all nearby, and then slit their own throat.

A debt to one who can animate the dead may be paid through an agreed amount of time as an undead servant following the debtor’s death. The animator must treat that servant with respect and release them from service at the agreed upon time or have their powers hampered, treating their spellcasting level as ½ of their normal level until the undead are returned to their dead state and buried.

Any who die in Kheol have the right to proper burial within the city, and any who try to prevent that burial or price gouge the living for burial service is compelled to leave the city and may not return for a year and a day.

None but the Yamas may bar a creature from entering the city. Trying to do so results in searing pain, dealing1d6 damage each time.

Enslaving the living is forbidden in Kheol. Any slave brought into the city is freed and may not be forced or compelled by their “master” to do anything they do not agree to, including leaving the city. “Masters” trying to do so are magically compelled to surrender themselves to their former slaves for punishment, which is not to exceed thirteen lashes.

Mindless undead are to be treated with respect and not abused. Animators who mistreat their undead will have their power over them revoked, leaving them open to attack by those same creatures. Thinking undead are afforded any and all rights and protections granted to the living.

Thinking undead which must prey upon the sentient living to survive (such as vampires) must find living beings willing to consent to such predations or else be compelled to leave the city for a year and a day. Mindless undead which feed on the living must have similar arrangements made on their behalf by their animators, or risk having control of those undead lost.

Anyone who creates mindless undead that they cannot control must cede that control to another able to control it or destroy the creature(s). Animators found to have unleashed feral undead on Kheol will have their magical abilities hampered for a year and a day, treating their spellcasting level as ½ of their normal level.

Artwork:Corpse Candles,” by Gustave Doré, from The days of chivalry, or the legend of Croquemitaine, by Ernest L’Épine, 1866


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