The Necromancer: A Class for The Black Hack

Since I started working on Kheol, I wanted to design a necromancer class for TBH, and I had some notes sitting around since the beginning. I finally got around to finishing the design and then sat down to lay it out in inDesign. Then I got sick for a week, then tonight I put the finishing touches on it and now its available online for free!

I think it’s pretty cool, and I think the layout looks pretty decent, especially since it has good art.

You can always find this, as well as the free adventure I wrote, Bloat Cave of the Man-Flies, over on the Downloads page!


2 thoughts on “The Necromancer: A Class for The Black Hack

  1. Only thing I noticed on a quick read through is it isn’t obvious that the undead servant is a reanimated corpse. And probably needs a corpse to make one. Also animate dead spell seems over powered… 2d4 zombies with the HD of the caster? Is it written like that in TBH as well?


    • Good point about the undead servant, I’ll have to add a line to it when I get a chance. Animate Dead is written as it appears in TBH. It could be a typo but I imagine David was expecting GMs to decide on some kind of duration or something.


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