Iron Truth Job Postings for the Month of Smarch

While anyone is welcome to explore the Black Sanctum of Sorrows for a portion of the treasure they find, the Iron Truth Adventurer’s Guild also posts special requests for specific tasks that need to be dealt with in the dungeon.

Goblins have, once again, infested the cistern on level one. Go in there and clear them out one way or another, just make sure they’re gone. Report on your success (and only success!) to Iron Captain Ren.

Teams moving through level two on their way deeper have reported strange singing in an unidentified language coming from somewhere in the northwest quadrant. Investigate these sounds, peacefully if possible, but be prepared for sonic attacks. Report to Iron Bard Calathis with any findings.

Some fool wizard called “Heximathis” has gotten himself and his bodyguard lost in the first or maybe second level of the Sanctum. The Mages Guild of Anorius wants to know what happened to him, and will pay for answers. Report to Iron Mage Agathon, who will arrange a meeting with the guild’s representative.

Reports of running battles with various monstrous humanoids on level three have indicated that they are being equipped with high quality arms and armor, seemingly made of ice, which melt upon the death of such creatures. Find out who is arming them, and put a stop to it. Any clues or notes on the technique used to craft such items will get you a bonus. Report to Smith of Truth Kel Broadshield.

Seeker Galathi has discovered a door on the fourth level which features a complicated locking mechanism that she cannot overcome, and is looking for assistance with it. She offers part of her share of whatever lies behind the door as reward. Experienced delvers only! She can be found in her office outside the vault of Castle Oritz.

A mysterious new type of mushroom has appeared in the caverns section of level one. They grow on the ceiling, smell like oranges, and are protected by ferocious giant insects. Anyone who can bring samples of the mushrooms to Scholar Silverleaf will be paid for their trouble.

That damn mirror that makes evil copies of people who look at it is back again! It’s on level three this time, in the archive. Somebody go and smash it good this time, apparently we didn’t do it right the last three times! Report to Iron Captain Ren with proof that it’s broken for good.

The walls along the main route between levels five and six have turned to acidic slime. Investigate ways to deal with this slime before the floors or ceiling transform as well. Report to Iron Mage Agathon with findings.

Smith of Truth Kel Broadshield has a package he needs delivered to the team currently camped in the warrens of level two.

A creature calling itself High Priest of the Slavering Death has taken up residence on level six and is gathering followers. See to it that the threat is put down. Report to Delvar Battlebeard herself.

Artwork: “War Signal” by Adolph von Menzel, from “Die Werke Friedrichs des Großen, vol. 2” by Gustav Berthold Volz, 1913.


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