Sacred Mushroom Tea

Sacred mushrooms are a rare fungi which can be made into a powerful hallucinogenic. So powerful, in fact, that in the right circumstances it actually lets users interact with a shared hallucination that can pose an actual danger to them.

The tea is made by first drying the mushrooms, then crumbling the gills and steeping them in boiling holy water. Unholy water can be used as well, but will result in especially dangerous and terrifying “trips.” It takes the gills of several mushrooms to make a single cup of the tea, and as they are quire rare, the drug is very valuable.

If a person drinks a cup of sacred mushroom tea, they will experience a hallucination so vivd that they can interact with it, even fighting with creatures that they see. While these visions cannot be seen by others (normally) they are very much real to the user. If several users drink tea made from the same batch, using mushrooms grown in a single spot and brewed in the same pot, they will share the same vision, although there might be some slight variations from one user to the next.

Sacred mushrooms can grow anywhere that normal mushrooms might except that they only grow in places where the astral and material planes touch or overlap. Such regions are extremely rare, which makes the mushrooms rare as well, although rumor has is that a wizard has cast spells to bring the two planes into alignment specifically to grow the mushrooms for their own use, and in order to sell them. None know the identity of this reclusive wizard (or wizards), or if they even exist, but the drug can be found with slightly more frequency than the mushroom’s needs would imply.

The visions are so real because they actually are real, they are projections from the astral plane. While normally, creatures travel to the astral plane via magic, and leave their physical bodies on the material place, in this case the opposite is true. Most creatures of the astral plane are without real form though, and so they take forms that are related to the users of the tea, appearing as things or people that are particularly welcome, or unwelcome, depending on the circumstances. Every trip is unique, and influenced by the collective psyche of the users, though the astral creatures participating determine if a trip is good or bad, as it is their desires and actions which are translated as the vision. Such creatures are capable of interacting with the material world in these situations, but only with those users who can perceive them, thanks to the effects of the tea.

It is possible for users to steer the events of their visions by preparing for them in the first place through meditation and other exercises, in order to bring their collective psyches into unison. This can allow them to seek out specific astral denizens to battle or questions, though they have no influence over how such creatures react.

Artwork: “Psilocybe zapotecorum,” by Alan Rockefeller 2007.


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