Voarex’veiar, the Azure Lady

Voarex’veiar is a mature blue dragon, who by this time has had several clutches of young and generally given up on them, as they have all been disappointments. Since she became the ruler of Kelderar, she has come to refer to her subjects as her children. Though they are often disappointments as well, at lest they don’t pose much of a threat to her.

It was probably this disappointment in her actual children that led her to build an complex network of spies, informants, and other agents, who eventually helped her destabilize and finally conquer Kelderar in what seemed like a very short time. She dubbed herself the “Azure Lady” and began the process of making Kelderar more than just a dwarf city, opening its gates to anyone brave enough to do business there. And there is a lot of business to be done in the city, all of which contributes to her coffers.

Little is known of the Azure Lady’s life before she conquered Kelderar, and no great songs are sung nor stories told of her predations upon the countryside, theft of maidens, or other traditionally draconic forms of villainy. Of course, blue dragons are often deceptive and are fond of illusion magic, so it’s not all that surprising that little is known of her past.

What is known is that she came out of the Zonyar Desert, at the head of an army of gnolls, jacklewares, and other disgruntled desert denizens. Her agents within the city paved the way for her by betraying the city’s defenses and allowing the monstrous invaders in, while Voarex’veiar herself handled the last Rik of Kelderar.

Her army made short work of the defenders and, surprisingly, rampaged only a little through the city streets, considering the forces that she brought together. She had spent time in the desert making alliances with its various monstrous denizens, sentient beings denied access to the protection and wares of the city by old prejudice. She offered them a stake in a new, more open Kelderar if they helped her take the city, and they readily signed on.

Her rule has been, well, fair might not be the best word, but as far as tyrants go, she isn’t the worst the world has seen. She fears little, and has put into place enough agents, openly or otherwise, that potential threats to her or her rule are dealt with quickly, and often publicly. She also deals fairly with her neighbors, and has expanded trade further than the old dwarven rulers ever did. Laws are applied uniformly, corruption aside, and though harsh, the penalties for crimes are well known. The city has grown substantially since her rule began over 200 years ago, and most of those people have come of their own volition. Though slavery is allowed, the city has no great market for it, since most of the newcomers are merchants, and have little need for many slaves.

Artwork: “Blue Dragon On Some Rocks” from some D&D book or another.


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