Don’t Feed the Trolls: A Lesson in Dealing with Depression

I want to start this off by apologizing to Allison Raskin. If you don't know who she is, Allison is one half of the brilliant YouTube channel Just Between Us (with the equally awesome Gaby Dunn), co-author (with Gaby) of I Hate Everyone But You (amazing) and the forthcoming Please Send Help (forthcomingly amazing). She's … Continue reading Don’t Feed the Trolls: A Lesson in Dealing with Depression


Deconstructing takedowns of fantasy tropes

Whilst milling about the Internet I fell into a rabbit hole of "X fantasy cliches to avoid" and "fantasy tropes that suck" and etc. These kinds of posts have a lot in common, but some of them are fun to read. One of them, "6 Fantasy Tropes That Are Prophesied to Disappear" both has a … Continue reading Deconstructing takedowns of fantasy tropes

The Sunshields

Shortly after the dwarven city of Kelderar finally opened to other (select) races several hundred years ago, the city's ruling rik (dwarven high king) decided that the inclusion of non-dwarven inhabitants would require a new system of justice for the city to survive. Under the old dwarven clan laws, non-dwarves had no rights, but that wouldn't … Continue reading The Sunshields