Funeral Street

Funeral street is the name given to the row of temples and churches that runs along the length of Kheol. It is called that because of the preponderance of places dedicated to gods of death and the afterlife, and because the denizens of the city tend not to be particularly religious, outside of funerary practices. … Continue reading Funeral Street


The Scriptorium Sepulcher of Sanguineous Tehom

The Scriptorium Sepulcher squats across from Funeral Street, featuring a mixture of architectural styles and a wide, orderly cemetery tended by skeletal gardeners. The Sepulcher, as it is most commonly known, is home to Sanguineous Tehom, an ancient lich and powerful necromancer, who maintains the largest cemetery and library in the city, though the latter … Continue reading The Scriptorium Sepulcher of Sanguineous Tehom