The Zonyar Desert

The Zonyar Desert is a broad expanse of hard rock and loose soil, where only the hardiest plants and animals are capable of living. Cactus and hardy trees, reptiles, small mammals, birds, and insects dominate Zonyar's various ecosystems, especially near the edge of the Ar-Karaz mountains. Each spring, flash-floods come down off those mountains and … Continue reading The Zonyar Desert



An ancient dwarven city at the crux of the Ar-Karaz mountains and the Zonyar Desert, Kelderar is a metropolitan center of trade, home to almost 30,000 creatures from a bewildering variety of races and cultures. The population changes frequently as groups enter and leave the city, coming and going through the mountains or the desert. … Continue reading Kelderar

The Scriptorium Sepulcher of Sanguineous Tehom

The Scriptorium Sepulcher squats across from Funeral Street, featuring a mixture of architectural styles and a wide, orderly cemetery tended by skeletal gardeners. The Sepulcher, as it is most commonly known, is home to Sanguineous Tehom, an ancient lich and powerful necromancer, who maintains the largest cemetery and library in the city, though the latter … Continue reading The Scriptorium Sepulcher of Sanguineous Tehom