Some Known Laws and Punishments of Kheol

No cleric may banish the undead, and any who do so are punished with searing pain, suffering 1d6 damage each time. No light brighter than moonlight may be used in the streets of Kheol. A person introducing brighter light (such as a Daylight spell or a bonfire) is stricken of their vision and blinded for … Continue reading Some Known Laws and Punishments of Kheol


The Thirteen Yamas of Kheol

The city of Kheol is ruled, unquestioningly, by the Thirteen Yamas, mysterious beings who seem to wander the city, silently dispensing justice as they see fit. None know their true faces, or even what race they might be, as each wears a unique mask and long robes which reach the ground and reveal nothing of … Continue reading The Thirteen Yamas of Kheol